Look fierce like a Tiger: How to nail tailgate fashion

Girls, go ALL IN

Fall, the three months when pumpkin spice runs shit nationwide. At Clemson, we embrace the chill (chilly-willy) weather, happily swapping norts and t-shirts for leggings and oversized sweatshirts.

On game-day, however, only the best of *orange and purple* will do. We all know that tailgating is a time to be seen and take adorable Insta pics (but only before the drunk eyes and aggressive head tilting starts) so here’s a guide to help you look your best, and least basic, this football season

BLESS that orange and purple are finally in this season, broadening the array of festive game day wear.


Jersey girls the easiest way to nail the style

Jersey’s are the lazy girl’s game day go to and no one is judging. Opt away from the leggings, which you already wore to class three out of five days last week. Pair your jersey with ripped or distressed jeans, skinny or boyfriend style, to give your style some edge.

Chokers and more can step it up a notch

Wrapping chunky strands of beads is one of the cutest accessories this fall. You get a choker and a necklace in one. Double a purple strand of beads with your jersey and your once lazy look is now fierce.

Fly kicks are a must 

Cute and comfortable are the criteria of game day shoes. Be careful not to wear shoes that you love too much because mud and miles of walking. All that walking. But save the LL Bean’s for the boys and rainy games, they don’t match well with chic outfits.

Luckily, sneakers have never been trendier. Vans and Adidas are great for a sportier look while Steve Madden and Dolce Vita have designs that are more chic. It all depends on the look you want.


It’s sweater weather

Cream, grey, tan, and white match great with colorful, fun bottoms and accessories. The details of neutral tops can really add a lot to an outfit. Open backs, lace up sleeves or necklines, or criss-cross embellishments across the chest add intrigue.

Velvet is IN

Purple or orange velvet pants, skinny or flared, are a game day must. Who knew we could support the Tigers and this season’s hottest trends in one day?

Skirts and OTN boots are just s’cute

It is relatively easy to find an orange or purple skirt to match with a neutral top. Or vis-versa. And over the knee boots match with EVERYTHING. Seriously, invest in a pair.

img_7677-1Jackets and Death Valley: a love story

Leather jackets provide badass warmth. The Bomber Jacket resurgence is also an edgy way to stay warm, they can be reasonably priced if you don’t want the same one as Kylie Jenner. Jean jackets are killer for a casual afternoon game look.

Look great, but don’t bring the expensive stuff

Barbour’s are expensive and heavy and should probably be left in your closet, safe and sound, during a tailgate. Drunk people in Barbour jackets equals anxiety. Seriously guys, save them for another time.

This fall we can support our Tigers on their road to Tampa in effortless, but chic style.

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