Every stereotype you’ll meet at Clemson University

You know which one you are

Stereotypes exist far beyond the juvenile hallways of high school. They build on the classics such as the jock, nerd, and popular girl, but also evolve depending on where you are. They can easily offend, but also allow us to make fun of ourselves a bit. Clemson is no exception and has a variety of stereotypes that may not fit every person, but are very funny nonetheless.

The athlete

People who play sports here usually don’t wear anything but orange and purple athletic clothing. They walk around campus with Beats headphones on, which makes them look like they’re constantly trying to get in the zone for a big game. Since Clemson loves its sports, they’re like demi-gods who walk among us, especially the football players.

They’re in such amazing shape that looking at them makes you feel like natural selection will weed you out. They’re hardly ever seen alone, but are always in groups or with another athlete. Excelling at their sport is basically their job and they take it very seriously.


The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) member

These guys and girls wear chacos and have hundreds of GoPro selfies hanging around in ENOs. You can pick them out in a crowd because they’re never without a beaming smile. They’re crazy talented when it comes to painting, music, and photography. How do they manage to all be so artsy?

They don’t drink, and definitely don’t curse, but instead enjoy doing big group activities outdoors. Their Thursday night plans are pretty set in stone so there’s no use trying to convince them to come to Litchers at Wingin’ It.

The fraternity boy

He wakes up with a beer in his hand and hardly ever frequents class. When he does, he’s probably on a business or economics track with plans to work on Wallstreet. His beat up painted coolers from past mountain weekends hold enough Busch Light to keep a buzz going at the pool all day.

He posts group pictures of his brothers and him at Bonneroo in vintage flat brims with captions like, “tonight was lit.” His closet is so stocked with Patagonia and Southern Tide that he should be a brand ambassador for both.


The GDI (God Damn Independent)

The GDI wears cargo shorts and does solid orange Friday proudly with an “IPTAY” t-shirt. You can find them on Bowman playing pick up games of volleyball with their shirts off or throwing around the Frisbee. They have dorm parties, but are constantly worried that they’ll get busted by RAs.

The Clemson ride or die

This person sleeps and breathes Clemson. If their skin could be Clemson orange, it would be. They’re very involved on campus and want to leave Clemson better than they found it, which was already amazing obviously. Seeing Tillman sometimes makes them tear up and Tiger Rag will be the lullaby they use to get their kids to sleep one day.


The bible sorority girl

Pearls are her jewelry of choice. She doesn’t go out on a Friday night, but she certainly isn’t opposed to wild movie nights with her sisters. She’s the sweetest girl in the sorority and is shocked by stories of nights out that she hears on Monday mornings.

She doesn’t enjoy Amy Schumer’s humor or really appreciate it. Crafting is one of her favorite hobbies. She especially loves to paint her favorite bible verses onto canvases and decorate her room with them or give them to a sister who’s had a hard week.

The party sorority girl

Unless there’s a test she absolutely must study for, she’s going out on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Most times she has to be reminded of things she said or did and finds pizza crust next to her pillow when she wakes up. During the day, she’s in a grungy t-shirt for class, but at night, she dresses to impress.

Fierce ponytails and hoops are staples to her look. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her and her friends posing in front of trippy tapestries. She always has Pedialyte in her room and would IV it into her arm if she could.


The Northerner

You can pick the northerners out at the first football game when there’s a look of utter confusion on their faces. What is “the Hill?” Why are people in dresses and button downs? They wear jean shorts and orange t-shirts to games until they feel obligated to conform to the southern ways. Their t-shirts are fitted to their bodies and not three sizes too large, as is the custom here. They complain that there’s no quality pizza in Clemson and talk about how people here don’t know what a “real” bagel tastes like.

The Fike meathead

This guy goes to the gym every day and brags to anyone who will listen about a new protein powder he found. He takes mirror selfies and posts them shamelessly. He possibly knows more about the body than biology majors do. His #gains are never enough.

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