Swimming is hands down the best college sport

For starters, swimmers are generally the best people

What college student hasn’t been stressed about school or their social life? I know I’ve had a lot of stressful moments, but the one activity I have always found to be the best stress reliever is swimming.

I know what you must be thinking. “Swimming is so boring. You only swim back and forth with only the black line at the bottom of the pool to look at.” And although that’s correct, swimming also has a certain charm to it.

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The repetition of swimming laps allows you to turn off your brain, if only for the slightest moment. In a way, it’s a lot like therapy. That little black line down the center is one of the most intense things you’ll see. Why? Because no matter the pool, that black line will always be your companion through your sets.

We all need a moment of peace and quiet every once in awhile. This is what makes swimming so perfect. The silence of the water is comforting in a way that makes a long distance swim perfect for thinking. There are no noises except the slight splashing against your head, which in itself is a soothing sensation.

The people who I meet at the pool, whether it’s the cute lifeguards or other swimmers, are all people who I have something in common with. They’re crazy enough to either swim like you or watch you swim (which is even worse in my opinion).

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Swimming also promotes confidence. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who, after wearing a speedo at a swim meet in front of hundreds of people, was self conscious about their body.

But the most important part of the college swimming experience has to be the team. I don’t know what it is about swimmers, but they will always turn out to be some of the closest friends you’ll have They may be quirky, odd and sometimes even downright strange, but they’re dedicated, fun and competitive.

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Your team makes all those long hours spent training worth it. And nothing can be normal when every person around you is wearing next to nothing. Of course, it’s nothing sexual – it is just knowing the people in such a way that there really is nothing to hide. You can be yourself with no fear of judgment.

I encourage all college students to at least try swimming. It’s a great way to relax and get your exercise. And hey, you might even meet a cute lifeguard.

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