Bucknell joins list of schools asking SCOTUS to repeal Trump’s travel ban

The Supreme Court will begin hearing cases next month

Bucknell has joined 30 other colleges and universities across the country in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to 'affirm the decisions of lower Courts of Appeals' on the issue of President Trump’s controversial travel ban. These excerpts highlight Bucknell’s section of the joint amicus brief, quoted here:

Bucknell University knows that providing an excellent undergraduate education to all students requires a firm and demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusiveness … Bucknell has benefited from and greatly valued the unique insights and experiences that its international students, faculty, and staff bring to campus. Bucknell is committed to … fulfilling its mission to foster an environment in which students develop intellectual maturity, personal conviction, and strength of character, informed by a deep understanding of different cultures and diverse perspectives.

Screenshot from the joint amicus brief

Screenshot from the joint amicus brief

The temporary ban barred citizens of six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Since Bucknell has called on SCOTUS to take action, the Trump administration announced revisions to the travel ban. Notable changes include an indefinite policy rather than one limited to 90 days, removal of Sudan from the list of banned countries, and the addition of Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. The Supreme Court is set to hear cases about the travel ban as soon as next month.

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