Everything you should 100 percent, without question do as a Bucknell freshman

Trust me, I’m a sophomore

Most freshmen don't know what to expect when moving into college for the first time. And even if you've heard stories from friends, every college offers different experiences. To help you out a little, here's the unofficial guide to life at Bucknell.

Bring pets

Sure, you're not allowed to, but it's much better than not bringing pets. Anything from a mouse to a horse will do. If you're not sure where the pet will sleep, consider giving it your roommate's bed.

The baby gazelle I'll be raising in my bedroom

The baby gazelle I'll be raising in my bedroom

Only befriend people with cars

Everyone else is useless in Lewisburg. Except for the pets.

Go to every sports game dressed as the opposition

It's a fun joke here at Bucknell. Consider, at times, just running on to the field or court with the athletes to join the fun. If they tell you to get off, don't listen.

Don't pick a major

They say you have to declare sophomore year, but it's more fun if you don't. If you want to pick a major and then change it repeatedly, it may enhance your experience.

Use all the tables in the library

When studying, make sure to take up as much library space as possible. Put your bag on one table (books spread out), your food on another, and if you need more things to help you take up space, consider taking other people's books and claiming them as your own. You may think people will hate you for this, but on the contrary, they'll just really admire your work ethic.

Steal frackets

On a cold night out, many Bucknellians will bring jackets to only wear to the frat house. When they leave their frackets behind, make sure to be the first to steal them, and always be sure to leave a note. Something along the lines of, "My name is [blank] and I live in [blank]. I have your fracket but you can't have it back."

Come to all midterms dressed as Harry Potter

The reason is unknown, but all professors will give an automatic 'A' to students who do this.

10 points for Gryffindor

10 points for Gryffindor

Hog the laundry room

When doing laundry, make sure to leave your clothes in the washing machines and/or dryer for as long as possible. If you have clothes you no longer like or that no longer fit you, consider washing them and then literally never taking them out. Do this with as many machines as possible.

Only play music during quiet hours

Quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am. Make sure to bring speakers and blast music during this time. Preferably music your hall hates.

Fail as many classes as possible

The more classes you fail, the longer you'll get to (have to) stay at Bucknell to graduate, giving yourself more time to carry out all of the above.

Studying is hard anyway, just take a nap instead!

Studying is hard anyway, just take a nap instead!

There you have it, the unofficial guide to Bucknell. The foundation that made Bucknell what it is today. Most importantly, though, all people who tell you not to carry out these actions are just trying to weed out competition so they can do it all and be the coolest cat at Bucknell. Under no circumstances should you not do any of these things.

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