Bucknell officially has the second most beautiful campus in America

But we already knew that

As the rankings come in, Bucknell should not surprised by our place on the list. In addition to being the third biggest party school in the country, we've also been listed as the second most beautiful campus in the country, according to USA Today.

Beautiful day on campus – uphill LC

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Although the University of San Diego narrowly beat us, we bested Bryn Mawr college, which came in third.

Any student with eyes can tell you that Bucknell is gorgeous, and now we have it in writing. Walking along Dent drive or through the quad at sunset, you'll see roves of students just standing, watching the view over Rooke Chapel.


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We can't even choose a season in which the campus is most beautiful, because it's all of them. Fall covers the ground and the sky with the most vibrant leaves in the freaking world, winter looks like it's straight out of some christmas movie, and spring makes the whole place look like some fairy land.


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So although we know we should've beaten the University of San Diego, we don't need the Princeton Review to tell us our campus is beautiful.

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