Twitter is an absolute waste of time, which is why I quit

And I survived

In today’s world social media is our method of educating and entertaining ourselves, and communicating with the outside world. We tend to think in order to experience what everyone else is experiencing, we have to have to be logged into Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and not miss a beat.

While we do need to be connected in some aspects to get things done in the 21st century, which is why sites like Facebook are important, allowing people to plan events and share information through Facebook pages. I don’t, however, believe Twitter is necessary, and here’s why

140 characters isn’t enough

Generally speaking, our computers and phones are new means to perceiving reality, but to think we can accurately portray our experiences or present news in 140 characters or less is absurd. Think of it this way — when different people tweet about the same event with different opinions about it, too often the groups of people tweeting having entirely different perceptions of the event, and it leads to misunderstanding and misinformation with no common ground.

Twitter wars are not worth my time

The worst things about Twitter are passive aggressive subtweets and Twitter wars. If you, as a Twitter user, think openly insulting someone and re-spewing inaccurate information counts as debate, there’s something wrong with you. As for those passive aggressive subtweets, either you’re too spineless to confront someone behind a screen or you just think you’re being really clever. Either way, I didn’t need to see it anymore.

The funny tweets aren’t worth looking past the awful ones

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent hours a week (or day) scrolling through your Twitter feed, just to find one or two hilarious tweets that made you think scrolling through 100 bad ones was worth it. It wasn’t. Instead of sitting on Twitter all day, you could be experiencing the life the people you follow are tweeting about in that time. On the same note, spending half an hour trying to come up with that funny tweet is a waste of your time. People will forget it tomorrow. I probably could’ve written a short novel in the time I spent on Twitter.

Just for the record, the number of favorites and retweets a tweet gets isn’t a testament to how accurate it is, it’s a testament to how many people read and watch the same things as you. Scrolling through endless tweets of people complaining about their lives seems almost unbearable after quitting Twitter. Now that you’ve been sufficiently deterred from Twitter, quit. I dare you.

Bucknell University