Of course there’s a fucking Google Docs scam during finals

What else could possibly go wrong?

As we all know, finals is hell. But now, if you want to make it worse, just click on the email that looks like this:

That’s right, during a college student’s most vulnerable, willing-to-click-on-anything-that-looks-like-class-notes time of year, hundreds of people have received phishing emails informing them that someone in their contacts has shared a Google Doc with them. The emails often have “[email protected]” as an addressee.

Honestly, the timing of this scam couldn’t have been any worse.

Bucknell University’s IT department sent out a campus-wide email saying, “Do not open [the email]. Bad things are happening to the accounts of people that do.”

Temple student Gail Vivar said “my┬álife flashed before my eyes as I opened my TA’s email” and realized it was part of the scam.

Fortunately, there seems to be a fix for the scam, but for fuck’s sake, couldn’t the hackers have waited until we were all done with finals?

Bucknell University