A comprehensive list of Bucknell’s slang

Because it’s not called a ‘darty’ here

Coming to Bucknell can be hard, especially when you hear half the campus talking about things such as caf sits, super and the campus theater (which theater?!).

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Bucknell slang and their definitions. Check it out:


An excuse to drink all Saturday under the pretext of “Bucknell culture.” Some schools call it darty, but would you rather take part in “super Saturday” or something that sounds like what your little brother would name your cat?


Short for the Flying Bison, it’s the food truck where students congregate after losing each other during a night of not being sober. The food is just bad enough for you to attract only drunk people. Drunk calories don’t count, right?

The Mods

The apartments probably built in the ‘40s, meant to be temporary housing. Somehow still standing and somehow every sophomore’s first choice.


It’s short for library. But, ya know, pronouncing a second syllable is difficult.

ELC Mall

You know when you go to the actual mall and people bombard you, trying to sell you hand creams? It’s like that, but they’re yelling at you to buy overpriced Management 101 shirts.

Res College

Not an actual college, just groups of first-years with similar interests who live together. A lot of students join because there’s a ton of free food.

Vedder is Better

It really isn’t.

Uptown vs. Downtown

Downtown is a location with restaurants, shops, and the occasional party house. But Uptown is a room in Swartz Hall that’s open on the weekends for various themed events.


Harry Potter Weekend? Haha we wish. In reality, House Party Weekend is an annual week of partying and seemingly self-destructive behavior when students feel like they can skip class to go to weekday supers.

Campus Theater

Not actually on campus, not actually a theater. Unless you count a movie theater that only plays indie, old or Bucknell sponsored movies.

7th Street

Ohhhh you thought we meant an actual street? No, it’s the café between Smith and the ELC.


It may be a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan. But, it is also a study spot in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania!

Caf Sit

Literally just sitting in one place for as long as you can. The place? The caf. Why? Usually to do work, but mostly to people watch.

The Bison

What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at college?


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