Who are the bands playing at Bison Sound this year?

tbh I thought Del Water Gap was a place

It’s that time of year: Coachella season. Unfortunately for those of us stuck in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania, we won’t be attendance.

However, we’ve got the next best thing. Bucknell’s own single day music festival.

That’s right, this Saturday, April 22nd at 4pm, Bison Sound will take place on Sojka Lawn. The annual mini-festival will feature giveaways, lawn games, tie dye shirts, food, and a beer tent for those 21+, according to its Facebook page.

That being said, let’s take a look at the two bands headlining Bison Sound: Lawrence and Del Water Gap.


According to their website bio, Lawrence is a “New York-based soul-pop group who blend old-school and new-school vibes to create a set of songs that sound as good on the record as they do at their high-energy live shows.” The group is headed by siblings Clyde Lawrence, 22, and Gracie Lawrence, 18.

Lawrence’s top song on Spotify is a track called “So Damn Fast” off their album “Homesick.”

If this isn’t the song you want to crack open a cold one and chill in the sunlight to, I don’t know what is. These guys know how build a song from start to finish, adding in the sex appeal of a horns section to top it off.

Del Water Gap

Del Water Gap is an unsigned “Alternative/Folk” band out of New York City, as reported on their Facebook page. The group is composed of members S. Holden Jaffe, Charlie Schlinkert, Will Evans, Kit Conway.

Their top played Spotify track is “Vanessa” off their EP “1 (646) 943 2672:”

These guys embody indie-alternative rock like no other. With this level of New York hipster sound, Sojka Lawn isn’t going to know what hit ’em.

If, by some odds, these two groups (and the free beer) aren’t enough to get you to come, Bison Sound has a loaded lineup of student groups opening for Lawrence and Del Water Gap, featuring Amarachi, Mukta Phatak, KP140, Lindsey Ferguson, and The Wingmen.

See ya at Sojka, Bucknellians.


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