The oldest club on campus: Calvin and Hobbes

Where substance-free meets fun

Ever wonder about that house towards the edge of campus with the kid and the tiger painted above the doorway? Ever run into a group of students racing through the halls of Olin or Rooke with Nerf guns in tow?

Welcome to C.A.L.V.I.N. and H.O.B.B.E.S., a club at Bucknell dedicated to providing students with substance-free weekend events. Founded 23 years ago by Matt Bellace, Bucknell alumni and motivational speaker/comedian, C&H is a student-run organization where substance-free meets fun.

The name of the club is an acronym.  While this is mainly due to legal reasons, the true name of the club is Creating A Lively, Valuable, Ingenious New Habit Of Being at Bucknell and Enjoying Sobriety. Since its introduction on campus, the club has attracted members from all majors and years.

Each week, the club holds two events, ranging from movie nights to Nerf Wars.  Some other notable activities include holiday parties, board game nights, bowling trips and more. Members are also invited to live in the C.A.L.V.I.N. and H.O.B.B.E.S. affinity house, where there is never a shortage of games to be played.

I joined C&H my freshman year at Bucknell, when I saw their booth on Accepted Students Day.  As I approached the booth with a friend of mine, I noticed two students heavily focused on a game of Settlers of Catan.  The table was littered with board games, and at that moment I realized this was the club for me. However, don’t just take my word from it, have the testimonies of some other members:

Brad Beacham, 19

“C&H is having my roommate wonder on a regular basis where I disappear to all night because he left TKE one night at 2am, and I was still at Hulley House.”

Henry Stann, 22

“C&H has been my anchor for my four years at Bucknell. The friend group and environment changes from year to year as seniors graduate and new blood comes in, but they have always been my family at Bucknell.”

While C&H is primarily a club for board and video game aficionados, I and many others are proud to call it home.  C&H has provided us with a supportive family, who loves to have fun and enjoy one another’s presence.

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