A ranking of the best places to eat on campus

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As a college student, your life probably revolves around food (and coffee). Getting a disappointing meal in the little time you have to eat is always terrible, so here’s a ranking list of the best places to eat on campus to help you out.

Bison Fresh

If you fry quinoa, is it still healthy?

Whether it’s mac n cheese Monday or just plain quinoa stir-fry, bison fresh does not disappoint. There’s always something there for the days you wanna eat healthy or for the days you wanna eat something packed with oil and still be allowed to call it “fresh.”

The Commons

Worth every dining dollar

Their salads are spot on. They can be expensive, like everything else there, but sometimes the splurge is totally worth it. There’s other stuff too, but their chopped salads are the best. Who doesn’t love avocado?!

The Bison

For all your fast food needs

The best part, no doubt, is the variety. Whether you’re in the mood for nachos, a cheeseburger or soup, the Bison’s got you covered. It’s definitely got the full college diet, verging on fast food, but not enough to make you feel bad about yourself.

The Caf

Munchin’ away

Going to the caf is a package deal. You pay for the entrance, and get as much as you want. It’s a bit of a risk, though. Some days you go in and it’s both curly fry day and onion ring day, with a bunch of options you think are too good to be true. Unfortunately, some days the risk doesn’t pay off and you’re left with the salad bar. Stir fry’s (almost) always an option, though.

Terrace Room

This is pretty much it

The Terrace Room is like the caf with less variety. It’s redeeming quality is the quiet, spacious atmosphere, but it comes at the price of mediocre choices. For just food, it’s not a great place to eat, but for environment, it’s one of the best.

7th Street

Better for the coffee

7th Street is a great place to do homework, get coffee, or just talk to people, but if you’re looking for a meal it’s not the place to go. No hate, though – food just isn’t its strong suit.

The Flyson

Midnight nacho tots

This doesn’t even fit on the list. It’s not so much a place to eat, as much as a place to meet up with your friends you lost on a Wednesday night, while treating yourself to nacho tots. It’s pretty wonderful, but whether the food is actually good may never be tested, seeing as all its customers tend to not be sober.

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