Which Hogwarts house is your Bucknell major?

Honestly all Bucknell students are smart enough to be Ravenclaws

All Bucknell majors are unique and important, but some of them have a lot in common. Your major is pretty indicative of your personality, so we took it a step further and organized your majors into your Hogwarts houses.


Africana studies, Animal behavior, East Asian Studies, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Geosciences, International Relations, Latin American Studies, Managing for Sustainability, Religious Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies.

Gryffindors get stuff done. You might save the world, or at least help to, and you’re passionate about whatever you become a part of. Or you might just have a lot of fun in college and your career. Gryffindors do both.


Anthropology, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Art History, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Classical & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Comparative Humanities, French & Francophone Studies, Geography, Geology, German Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Russian Studies, Spanish.

While any Bucknellian is smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, these majors are killing the game. You want to know as much as you can and you don’t mind a challenge. One of you will probably write a book.


Accounting & Financial Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Economics, Global Management, History, Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics & Mathematics, Markets Innovation & Design, Political Science, Psychology.

Some of you will probably end up famous. You’re ambitious and going for the gold. Some of you value tradition, but also expansion and change, and one of you will probably become president.


Art-studio, Civil Engineering, Early Childhood Education, Education, English – Creative Writing, English – Film & Media Studies, English – Literary Studies, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Music, Mechanical Engineering, Sociology, Theatre.

Hufflepuffs get a lot of hate, but you’re actually Bucknell’s best majors/house. You just do what you want and don’t really care what the other houses think. The world needs you to run and its starting to realize it.

If your major doesn’t fit with the house you think you’re in (or vice versa), you should probably consider changing majors now. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about what your major says about you, check out how you dress based on your major.

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