EXCLUSIVE: Trump expresses interest in building hotel in Lewisburg

He’s ‘attracted to the prep culture of Bucknell’

Donald Trump is looking into purchasing a plot of land in Lewisburg on which to build a new hotel, resort, and golf course.

A proposal from the Trump Organization, co-signed by Eric and Donald Trump Jr., was submitted to Bucks County officials early last week.

The reasoning was the lack of housing for Bucknell families and alumni during events such as graduation, homecoming, and parent’s weekend.

The Trumps, “attracted to the upper-class, prep culture of Bucknell,” believed that the alumni and benefactors of Bucknell would benefit from a Trump hotel presence near campus. The documents declare that the Trump Organization are “positive that this was a business venture that would pay for itself over the next four years.”

POTUS, clearly excited about his new venture, tweeting in the early hours of the morning

In reference to location, the Trump Organization is currently looking at shutting down the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary and using its remote, yet beautiful location in Pennsylvania farmlands. In regards to current inmates, Trump said “we’ll just remove the moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania.”

Furthermore, the Trumps were confident that the location directly appealed to his supporters and hinted that anyone who voted for him in the area “would reap the benefits of the hotel.”

The building of the hotel also would bring back business into an area of Pennsylvania rich in coal mining history.┬áTrump hopes the proximity to Centralia, an abandoned coal mine town, will revive the town’s mining in alignment with his new orders regarding the coal business.

While the jury is still out on when this hotel plan will be executed, Trump hopes the plan will come to fruition within the next couple of months.

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