Bucknell event to edit Wikipedia articles named complete success

It was an Edit-a-Thon in the name of feminism

Ever heard of an Edit-a-Thon? Well, ‘Ray Bucknell because we got involved in one! Bucknell University on Friday, March 3, in the Bertrand Library, hosted an “edit-a-thon.” The event, open to the public, was a collaborative occasion in which participants went through Wikipedia and corrected biases against women.

Bucknell is part of a campaign, Art + Feminism, which encourages female contributors to Wikipedia. Less than 10% of Wikipedia’s contributors identify as being a woman. So, in an active effort to change this gender gap, Bucknell took initiative by participating in the event. Other institutions across the country such as Oberlin College and Temple University also got involved.

The event took place in Bertrand Library on March 3rd

This year, participants focused on articles related to art and feminism and zero’d in on under-represented voices from around the globe.

Ali Malone, sophomore, described how she feels about the event: “I feel this is a great event and really promotes equality, especially in education. It surprises me that less than 10% of Wikipedia editors are women, so I think it’s important to have events like these to help change those statistics and get the best possible information out there for other learners.”

Although Bucknell is located in little Lewisburg, its voice goes way beyond the borders of Pennsylvania, and we make ourselves heard through events such as these.

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