BREAKING: Swastika found in ELC bathroom

This isn’t the first time one’s been found on campus

This morning, a swastika was found in the bathroom of the ELC. It has since been removed, and there is no information on the perpetrator. President Bravman sent out an email calling for unity and respect, bringing light to the issue, while condemning the crime.

Last semester, a swastika was found on the Bucknell campus in Bertrand Library. Since it was following the presidential election, it was widely believed that it was a hate crime inspired by the recent Trump victory. A few weeks later the students of Bucknell went home for winter break and the incident was forgotten. Now, a month into the new semester, it’s happened again.

A Jewish student on campus, Kara Checke, 18, animal behavior, shared her thoughts, saying:

“I’m not really angry, it’s just concerning. Why? I feel like it could be just because the president’s sending out an email every time it happens so it’s instigating them to do it, but it could just be a joke. I don’t know.”

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