Pee fetish enthusiasts love Donald Trump now

We spent a day reading their chat forum

Twitter exploded last night with unverified allegations from BuzzFeed that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to perform a golden shower. As the accounts trickled in, some Trump supporters questioned their alliance with the candidate.

But for one part of the internet, the news was exciting, as there was a possibility that one more might be joining their ranks.

Indeed, according to the public chat forums on, an open website for people with pee fetishes, the release of the Trump dossier has been a saving grace.

One user, dave506, expressed hope that the dossier will “normalise”‘ the fetish.

He wrote: “As much as I hate the guy I can’t help but feel his latest controversy is good news for anyone with a pee fetish. Today is the day that people across the world will ask ‘what is a golden shower?’

“More people talking about it will start to normalise it and stop people being put off, some may even want to give it a try out of curiosity.”

Another user, LazarheaD666, said they “love Donald Trump now!”

pplover suggested that the news on the dossier is a “great way to bring up the subject with a partner.”

He continued: “Must be lots reading the news thinking they might like the idea. Make sure your partner has a copy of today’s paper! Now when do we get to see the alleged video?”

While there is no suggestion thus far that the allegations made in the dossier are true,  it’s clear the possibility of a President-Elect with a love for something more golden than his hair is exciting piss fetish enthusiasts everywhere.

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