BREAKING: Black Lives Matter chalk found on buildings across campus

‘Fight the violence’

In protest of the electoral results, an anonymous student has chalked on the walls of the Vaughn Literature building and the library supportive and rallying messages, such as “fight the violence,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “claim our future.”

As we all crowded around the common room TV last night, Trump secured his victory. After a stressful night, some of us went back to our dorms and cried, but clearly others rallied.


Fight the violence

Some students of Bucknell are not sitting calmly, accepting this outcome.


Black Lives Matter

There was no¬†mention of Donald Trump or a message of hate. It’s a reminder to everyone who walks by that our future is in our hands as the next generation.


Claim our future

No matter what the next four years brings, the students of Bucknell will stand together, fighting violence, and claiming our future.

This is not the end of the fight, it’s only the beginning.


Love instead!

Bucknell University