COMBAT: Could you do all this in only 24 hours?

Every year BU’s theater groups are challenged to write a script, rehearse and put on a show within 24 hours.

Upcoming fun fall events to look forward to

It’s officially fall, get those calendars out.

1,000 backpacks laid out on Warren Alpert Mall for suicide prevention awareness

Active Minds is trying to tackle the stigmas and statistics associated with suicide in their traveling exhibit

This student prank-called his college’s President by pretending to be a trustee…AND GOT THROUGH

He claimed the university stole $64,000 from him

Things you only know if you went to an all-girls private school

An honest look into the experience of single-sex private education

CGS is getting rid of fall enrollment

Students note that being in CGS carries a stigma with it and that having a delayed start on campus doesn’t help students fit in.

We spoke to Brazilian BU students affected by the recent ‘gay cure’ treatment approval

You’ve probably heard about the cure for HIV, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. But what about the ‘gay cure’? Unfortunately, this isn’t something out of a talk-show sketch.

I jumped off the infamous JAWS Bridge in Martha’s Vineyard, and it was thrilling

No sharks in these waters this time

Sleeper Hall being evacuated due to fire

The fire started on the second floor

Boston University jumps two spots to 37th best university in America

We’ll beat BC next time.

BU announced a possible merger with Wheelock College, and students reacted to it with quality memes

“Has anyone told Wheelock students about the grade deflation”

The Tab BU is now accepting writers and photographers for Fall 2017

Applications are open to join our team this semester and here’s how to apply

EXCLUSIVE: These guys didn’t find a fraternity they wanted to join at BU, so they started their own

“I was really nervous about joining a fraternity… Starting one would allow me to create my own rules,” said Vice President of Phi Kappa Tau’s Boston Colony.

All the people you meet in BU Facebook groups

“I started four nonprofits and speak three languages fluently, and I’m not saying it but I did in fact get a full academic ride.”

A New Englander’s guide to Boston weather

Do you honestly believe your UGGs will hold up in the middle of a Nor’easter?

How I struggled and conquered my eating disorder

I couldn’t stop my cycle of starving and binging, but I got help from some unexpected places.

Nick Fuentes accused of making racist and anti-Semitic comments in leaked video

‘They would both be degenerate’

BU students roast Nick Fuentes via memes after learning he’s headed to Auburn

Apparently BU students fight hate with memes