BU alum are making it easier than ever to throw keggers

Long live the keg stand

Throwing a party soon? You're probably struggling with the same problem as everyone else who tries to throw parties in college – how on earth are you going to get beer for that many people?

Sure, you could go to the store and get like 10 30-racks, but do you really want to drop two or three hundred dollars on beer? (I mean, come on, we've all seen those BU tuition increases)

So the next obvious choice is to get a keg instead. But then, how the hell are you going to get that thing to your place? You need a car or truck, you need a couple strong people, and an entire afternoon. Oh, and if you live on a third floor walk-up? Forget about it.

Lucky for you, some BU alum have come up with the perfect solution to all your party-throwing needs, and its called Frat Tap.

It's an awesome new app that you can use to get kegs of beer delivered right to your door. No hassle to go pick it up, no struggle getting it in your place, and best of all – they're not going to break the bank.

Abigail Erkes, the BU alum who started the company, says the idea came to her as she watched one of her roommates struggling to carry a keg up into their apartment. "There must be an easier way to do this," she said to herself. And now, because of her, her team (also BU alum), and a group of MIT app developers, there is.

We got the opportunity to tag along with the Frat Tap team for their launch party, where they showed us the app in action. The truck dropped off the keg, they brought it right inside where it was needed, and then we proceeded to have chug-offs and keg stands (check out our Instagram Story highlights to see it!). When it was time to go to the St Paddy's Day Parade they even came and took the empty keg away.

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To make things even better – they check everyone's ID in the building they're dropping it off at, and have a Transportation and Delivery Express Permit granted to them by the state of Massachusetts, legally allowing them to deliver kegs to parties, corporate events, etc.
As of right now they are the only company in Boston allowed to do so! They even plan to offer bottles and cans of beer, as well as hard alcohol in the future (delivered right to your door, of course).

Frat Tap is working to make partying easier, cheaper, and more safe for college students in Boston. Download their app today in preparation for the upcoming weekend, and remember – long live the keg stand.

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