BU Dining Services just made a bet with Temple Culinary Services on the Super Bowl

The loser has to serve the opponent’s staple food

All bets are on for this year's Super Bowl.

When the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles play for the Super Bowl LII title on Sunday, two schools will be battling for culinary superiority and bragging rights.

Boston University Dining Services made a bet with Temple Culinary Services on the Super Bowl, announced in a Facebook post this morning.

Let us paint this scene which you see before you…We bet Temple Culinary Services of #Philadelphia on the #Superbowl…

Posted by Boston University Dining Services on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The post sets up the scene of the bet at hand.

If the New England Patriots win, Temple University students will get to enjoy BU's well-known New England Clam Chowder, and have a banner hung on the Temple campus congratulating the Patriots on their win.

If the Philadelphia Eagles end up winning, BU students will have to "force down" some Philly cheesesteaks and have a banner of their own hung on campus congratulating the Eagles.

So now the stakes are high for this Super Bowl, and will show who is the superior university and city.

Go Pats!