Tips to Conquer a BU Halloweekend

A survival guide

Entering college is a major adjustment for most people, almost everything around you changes. You’re in a new city, living on your own, making friends with people you’ve never seen before, all while adjusting to your new classes.

Another major change is the way us college kids celebrate Halloween. This holiday is no longer a simple one-day tradition of dressing up as the newest superhero or princess, stashing away as much candy as possible. For college students, Halloween gets Cinderella-upgraded into the spectacle that is Halloweekend.

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Halloweekend is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday (and sometimes Thursday) long celebration of Halloween with themed costume parties every night. This celebration is the first major fall event for college students and for freshman, if done correctly, a right of passage to fully become initiated into the college lifestyle. This may seem intimidating at first, but with the proper advice, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Pre-Game Festivities

Days leading up to the hectic college parties, its hard to get excited for the completely new version of an old beloved holiday especially since it’s also happens to be smack in the middle of midterm season. Activities like a horror movie marathon with your friends, or pumpkin decorating help us reminisce on the simpler times and destress from the chaos outside.


Nothing says Halloween more than the spooky decorations. Living in a dorm room, it’s hard to decorate for any holiday with the limited amount of space a double, triple, and let’s not even mention a quad, provides. Hanging tiny $1 decorations like felt ghosts or skeletons purchased at Target on your window and door, or lighting your room with some colored lights are easy and cheap ways to put you in that holiday spirit.


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Let’s face it, we’re too old for trick-or-treating. Walking door to door in full costumes asking for candy as an adult is creepy. Instead of expecting candy from strangers, treat yourself! Google some microwave friendly recipes to give you a spooky sugar rush, or if you're one of those rare people who actually consume candy corn, time to go crazy.


One simple costume for Halloween is no longer the basic necessity.

We now need at least three different looks for the weekend. Buying costumes from stores like Party City can put a real strain on your wallet especially on a college student’s budget. One costume can cost up to $100, so blowing more than $300 on three outfits you’ll probably only wear once in your lifetime is not appealing.

The best way to save the bank and make sure you’re dressed to impress is to find three cheap non-traditional costumes from non-Halloween stores. For ladies places like sell halloween outfits that look and feel like regular clothes.

Pro tip: Find a basic outfit that can be the basis of three different looks. Accessorizing and makeup goes a long way and can really transform that one look into three different and completely unique costumes.

Energy, Energy, Energy

In October, temperatures in Boston can drop to 30 degrees. This combined with the lack of sleep means you are bound to get a morning after cold/killer hangover.

In order to save yourself as much as possible, take some extra vitamin C (Airborne even comes in chewable tablets) before going out. Throughout the night as well, as the next morning, drink as much water as possible to keep your body hydrated!

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Good luck out there kids.

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