BU students can’t get enough of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

Grab it while you can

Attention "Rick and Morty" enthusiasts and Szechuan sauce fanatics: today is the day to get your sauce.

For one day only, McDonald's is re-releasing its Szechuan sauce for purchase, after many petitions to bring it back.

The sauce was originally released in 1998 to coincide with the release of the Disney animated movie "Mulan." The sauce was a huge hit with customers around the globe, however the sauce was abruptly removed from the menu after the movie promotion ended.

The talk about bringing back the Szechuan dipping sauce resurfaced this April, after an episode of the popular cartoon show "Rick and Morty" featured the main character, Rick, fantasizing about finally receiving his Szechuan dipping sauce again.

After the release of this episode, more petitions appeared online for McDonald's to bring back the Szechuan sauce, and McDonalds listened. For today (October 7) only, "Rick and Morty" and Szechuan sauce fans can get the sauce they've been waiting years to eat.

McDonald's only has limited quantities of the sauce for purchase, so fans have been lining up outside of McDonald's to wait for the sauce. The line outside of the McDonald's in Kenmore Square is curving around the sidewalk near Fenway Park, with fans anxiously waiting to get their hands on the sauce.

The quantity of Szechuan sauce McDonald's is giving out is unknown, but it is limited. If you want to get your hands on the famous Szechuan sauce before it goes away, get in line and grab it while you can.