BU announced a possible merger with Wheelock College, and students reacted to it with quality memes

“Has anyone told Wheelock students about the grade deflation”

BU announced on Tuesday, August 29 that it agreed to enter discussions with Wheelock College, a small college in Boston known for its social work and education programs. The college, which enrolls around 1,000 students, has been struggling financially and with recruiting students to its campus.

If the merger is successful, Wheelock's School of Education, Child Life, and Family Studies will merge with the School of Education to form the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.

Even though the merger is far from being final, BU students wasted no time and reacted strongly to the news in the best way they know how to: through memes. Here are some great ones:

The attack waiting to happen

The worst in the history of the worst

Be aware, Wheelock students

A conspiracy theory that could be coming true

That one person who was looking forward to going back to school

It's all fun and games until someone brings out Monopoly

All that matters is it looks good on paper, right?

When the deal is looking fine from afar

When you just want something you don't have already

The worm is coming to attack

The meeting gone wrong

Go BULock?

At least we have memes to help us get through it all.