All the people you meet in BU Facebook groups

“I started four nonprofits and speak three languages fluently, and I’m not saying it but I did in fact get a full academic ride.”

As an incoming Freshman, I've been able to look through the BU Facebook groups and get an idea of the beautiful new faces and personalities I'll see around campus.

I do genuinely love seeing all the people I share a major with, or a love of the same music and TV shows. All of this, on top of being able to find a roommate, makes me feel more prepared to start college.

However, there are definitely some archetypes (for better or for worse) throughout the group. These include, but aren't limited to:

The student athletes

This person plays more sports than you can even name, and they want you to know.

In all their pictures they're wearing one of many jerseys or they're smiling with their parents on a field or playing one of their sports just in case you needed extra proof.

Pretty much every Student Athlete says: "I love being active and I play [Pick three: Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Frisbee, Hockey, Volleyball]!"

The artsy one

Photo credit: Tiko Giorgadze

Photo credit: Tiko Giorgadze

Their pictures are edited to look like something out of the photography exhibit you went to once and didn't really get, and they have the personality to match.

Their music is underground, and their favorite movies are foreign language films or Wes Anderson movies that you've never seen.

They're usually a vegetarian or a vegan, or just a foodie, and know everything about the Bohemian culture that RENT made so famous.

The one who drags politics into everything

At least three of their pictures are them at rallies/protests/marches, and they’ve always got a sign with a slogan they found online.

Inevitably their favorite shows are House of Cards or the West Wing (even though CNN should probably be thrown in there too), and they love podcasts.

They always make a quick disclaimer about their political stance on things, and then they proceed to go on about the current issues of the day. They’re probably a Journalism major too.

The one who isn't confident

This is a tricky one since a long post could be someone who wants to please everyone OR someone who just loves to talk about themselves.

Someone who isn't super confident that their natural personality will reel people in will be as vague as possible: they love any music, they love eating, they love waking up early but can also sleep in, they love being active but they're super lazy too.

They put in a lot of "haha"s that read like someone awkwardly trying to cover up a bad joke. They don't have a defining quote to point out so much as a defining structure, which is an overly long and explained personality profile.

The one who is TOO confident

The slightly condescending voice makes these people easy to recognize and easy to hate.

They did academia right in high school, with few mistakes (which they will make sure you know were the only mistakes they have ever made) and they mention any awards in passing, showing that they have mastered the backhanded brag.

They say a lot about themselves but it all boils down to, “I started four nonprofits and speak three languages fluently and I'm not saying it but I did in fact get a full academic ride".

The one looking to P-A-R-T-Y

Photo credit: Maxime Bhm

Photo credit: Maxime Bhm

You can tell who they are from their kinda dark, blurry pictures in friends' basements that don't really fit in with the squeaky clean pictures everyone wants to put forward.

Not only are they ready to party, they mention the "College Parties" within the first two sentences, and about three times after that.

When you talk to them, it's more or less their main focus. It's easy to pinpoint a partier when they're getting into arguments about how West is best.

The one that is so beautiful it's unfair

They're just gorgeous to the point where they might not even be a real college student, but a "college student" on a CW show.

We all secretly hate them and want to be them… before we've even met them.

The one with the perfect life

Photo credit: Pete Bellis

Photo credit: Pete Bellis

This person was late to the posting game because they took too many AP's.

They've seen the world and love to travel. They speak three languages fluently and they're "working on" two more with their own alphabets. Their pictures are colorful, cute and cool all at once.

They're just looking for an "adventure buddy" to explore the city with.

The one that says “I'm quiet until you get to know me!"

They're not big partiers or drinkers, and choose to focus on their grades more than anything else.

Their posts are under-liked because there's nothing that really stands out in them and they use a lot of cliches.

When you actually start talking to them, you might realize that it takes a little while to actually get to know them.

The one that's trying way too hard

You know when you see a bad comedian or have a fresh out of college teacher and they don’t know how to really talk to their audience? So they try and compensate by making too many jokes that fall flat? That’s basically this person.

They’re just trying really hard to seem breezy so they add all these unnecessary jokes because they’re nervous (and who can blame them really). Their pictures are usually pretty bland, or incredibly cheesy. At the end of the day, they do mean well.

The one that's actually funny

This person is effortless in the way the one who’s trying way too hard isn’t: you genuinely laugh when you go through their lengthy introduction. Their pictures aren’t all serious. They mainly list sitcoms as their favorite shows, and are so down to earth it’s like you’re already friends with them.

The Debbie Downer

Photo credit: Aiden Meyer

Photo credit: Aiden Meyer

More than likely the Mom of the group (maybe even grandmother), this person is ready to let everyone know that they put grades above all else. They are the definition of squeaky clean, which is all well and good, but it all goes downhill when they put others down for looking to have fun, and incessantly remind everyone reading their post that this is an academic setting. Eesh.

I'm definitely not above any of these groups, but it's funny to see these people exist not only in the BU group, but every other college group, making it the most relatable college experience across the board.