Nick Fuentes accused of making racist and anti-Semitic comments in leaked video

‘They would both be degenerate’

If you thought you heard the last of former BU student Nick Fuentes and his outrageous comments, think again.

A video posted by The Reagan Battalion on Twitter on August 5 appears to show Fuentes making racist and anti-Semitic comments against Jewish and African-American people. In the video, the person filming asks if he is hurt in his daily existence by Jews, in which he responds, "Yes, absolutely."

In addition, someone on the tape asks, "Would you say that having sex with my dog is the same thing as me having sex with a black man?" Fuentes responds by saying no to the person filming, but mentions "they would both be degenerate."

It is unclear who the person filming Fuentes is.

Fuentes has been in the news a lot recently after attending the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rallies in Virginia, as well as leaving BU in favor of Auburn University after alleged threats were made against him.

The Tab BU reached out to Fuentes for a comment on the video, but he has yet to give a response.