West Coasters, prepare to be wrecked by East Coast weather

Ca-li-for-nia girls, we’re undeniably… afraid of the temperature dropping below 60 degrees.

If you're also trying to figure out what Bean boots are and hesitating to accept that wool is about to be your new best friend, or if you're just an East Coaster here for a good laugh, here are some things I'm worried about when facing the Boston cold as a California girl.

What do I wear?

Stacks on stacks on stacks… of warm clothing.

Stacks on stacks on stacks… of warm clothing.

Existential crisis: Went to a ski hut this summer and realized the clothes inside will not just be for skiing – they will be for living in Boston.

I got my first three-layer jacket recently and then was told I would need even more layers underneath… more layers?

Did you know that people also layer their pants? Yes, they wear leggings underneath jeans. Mind-baffling.

But don't worry, somehow East Coasters manage to wear multiple layers of clothing with Bean boots and wool accessories and don't end up looking like Randy from A Christmas Story or me when I was two.

Trust me, I've done plenty of Facebook and Instagram stalking of current BU students outfits – I highly recommend doing this for inspo. Somehow they all just look like cute, trendy snow angels.

Has anyone seen the sun lately?

Essentials? I think yes.

Essentials? I think yes.

This light-skinned Latina does not need to be any paler than she already is, yet I'm now realizing that with intense cold comes very little sun. Guess I'm going to be repping the vampire look all winter.

For all of you tan beach babes, looks like you're going to have to find other ways to keep that sun-kissed glow year round. Tip: Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer works pretty well.

Despite looks, I'm a little concerned for my vitamin D intake. I'm used to sunny days until mid-November but even then, they sling-shot right back in February. I've decided to keep a hoard of vitamin D pills with me and I'm not even coming from solely-sunny-SoCal where the temperature never strays from 70-80 degrees.

How do you survive the 'Walk of Shame'?

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I'm not even talking about walking from dorm to dorm. I'm talking about walking to class in the ~ snow.

I'm thinking of tallying how many times I slip and fall in a week. If I make it without falling five days out of the seven I can treat myself to a new top–a wool one that is. My goal is to be able to one day strut across the snow like I'm on the runway for New York Fashion Week.

How do you pick Halloween costumes?

An odd thing to be thinking about, considering it's only August, but I've been planning Halloween since the day I got my acceptance letter.

Halloween is a massive event in my hometown (shoutout to Chicoween) so I have definitely already started to stress about finding cute, fun, and original costume ideas that involve large jackets. I've come up with a few but none I'm willing to give up and share with you other floundering, freeze-fearers.

At least I'm not alone

Just a few people from an East Coast Bound Squad from Chico High

Just a few people from an East Coast Bound Squad from Chico High

Sorry, you're most likely going to have to compete to be the cool-beachy-Cali dude on your floor because, despite what you or I may think, we're not the ONLY West coasters who have ever come to Boston.

Many beach-front usuals have been and continue to walk Com Ave and they're totally fine and don't carry portable heaters around with them.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the good and the horrifying things that happen to me as a newbie so that you cynical East Coasters can continue to laugh, but also so you Pacific Coast people feel a little bit better about yourselves.

Here's to frostbite, falling, and flurries in which we, together, will get through fashionably.