Here are some of the best posters from Boston’s ‘free speech rally’ counter-protest

Signed, sealed, and peacefully delivered

In the wake of the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, many "free speech" rallies were organized, including one right here in Boston. In response to this planned rally, tens of thousands of protesters on Saturday marched peacefully along the Boston Common carrying handmade signs, waving a rainbow flag, and silently protesting against hatred.

The Tab gathered the best posters from Saturday's counter-protest, and they did not disappoint. The protesters were quiet, but the messages spoke for themselves.

First, a reminder that when in doubt, just be like the panda

Even the sound of this poster is something quite atrocious

History making its mark again

This teacher schooled everyone with the facts

She's only speaking the truth

The only torch that is socially acceptable

Technically not a poster, but carries the same message

The First Amendment = the most important amendment

Quality poster, even better quality message

The hashtag says 'we need our manpower'

Turning hate into hope for the future

The poster that shows everyone is welcome here

An important comparison equation

And finally, in true Lord of the Flies fashion

All photos courtesy of Kevin Karthaus (@osothepominsta).