Reminder: Changing your hair a lot doesn’t make a girl ‘crazy’

Long hair or short, still don’t care

If you’re often bored by the monotony of your life,  you probably know what it’s like to constantly change your hair. I’ve had black, blonde, red, brown, short, long, medium hair and even tried that trendy lob thing that all the celebrities sport on the red carpet (disclaimer: don’t do it unless you have enough money for a personal stylist).

I understand what it’s like for a new hairstyle to throw off your friends, family, and whoever, your significant other if you really care about their opinion, too. When I cut my hair from long to a shaggy pixie, my boyfriend and I were on a break. His friends saw my hair at school the day after I chopped it all off and told him, “thank God you guys broke up, look at her hair — she went completely crazy.”

My haircut and my mental state were entirely separate from each other — and I can say for sure when I was mid-chop my thoughts were not of my ex, but of how bomb I was about to look. Their jarring responses are overdramatic and make women who choose to experience the finer things in life, like a pixie cut, feel as if we really are the unstable ones.

Spontaneity is a character trait, not a mental illness. If you wake up and feel as if you want to have red hair when you currently have blonde and don’t overthink that drastic change of decision, then you can potentially be diagnosed with spontaneity disorder. Shocker, there’s no medication for it but the cure is simple: do whatever you feel like doing.

There may be different pills for severe mood swings, but there’s semi-permanent boxed dye for rash decisions. Whenever I change my hair, I always receive the, “Wow, it’s so… different.” Woah, that is some riveting news. It’s different? I didn’t know short and long hair weren’t similar, but that kind of sleuthing belongs in the CIA.

Hair is not a way for a woman to brand herself as unstable. It is just a simple form of expression. If boys don’t need to see a psychiatrist for thinking a man bun actually looks good, then I don’t need to see one for fucking boredom that results in a pixie cut.

Many of us just need various hairstyles because we aren’t happy with one thing for too long. Taylor Swift changes her relationship status every month, so let me live and change my aesthetic with every season.

It’s the type of girls who change their hair every month who love to explore new things who aren’t afraid to grow as people. We welcome change and are willing to accept the unknown into our lives and change what we like and what or who we hate. Our palettes develop as we get older, and so do our haircut choices.

At the same time, it’s just hair people: it’s not that deep. Hair color is arbitrary. If you like to change it up, you probably also don’t take life too seriously. Surprise to all you hair virgins out there: hair color is not permanent. As you get older, you learn what you like more, whether it’s picking your major, favorite sex position, or, yep, your preference in hairstyle.

If you want to change your hair, it’s your body and your own decision. When I got a pixie cut at 17, my aunt came up to me and asked, “how does your boyfriend feel about that?” Well, I’m wasn’t sure because, surprisingly, I didn’t ask my boyfriend his opinion of my hair on my body. I really hope he likes it, though, because God forbid I got a haircut without his permission.

Here’s a valid reason for wanting to dye your hair: you fucking wanted to. Here’s another one: you think it would look dope. Nobody needs to write an argumentative essay on the reasons they chose to change their hair in order for their loved ones to accept them. If somebody tries to “help” find out why you are unstable with your identity, just politely (or not politely, whatever you choose I’m not your priest) tell them to fuck off and that purple is the new black anyways.

Yup, still me just with short purple chunks

Do whatever you want with your hair and live your best life. If one day the hair goddess in you tells you to go platinum, then do it (maybe not with a single process if you want any hair left). If you just want to start over and shave your head, then, honey, go for it. Honestly, if you’re overly symbolic and annoying like me, it could be a hair renaissance and you can recreate yourself.

New hair who dis?

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