Savage Urban Dictionary entries about BU

You can tell which ones were written by BC kids

Remember when you would check Urban Dictionary for slang and acronyms people were using that you didn’t know? Or when Cards Against Humanity gave you a confusing white card?

Feels like just yesterday (probably because it was for most of us).

The Tab BU was curious what the world of anonymous, self-submitted definitions thought of our lovely campus, and we’re happy to say they didn’t disappoint.

We’re apparently a “haven of coke addicts” and “slackers” who couldn’t get into BC, but, on the plus side, we wear “designer halloween costumes” and “hire Harvard and MIT graduates” for our “billion dollar empires.”

So let’s break Urban Dictionary’s stereotype categories down for everyone since we’re the “clueless snob school.”

Our top definition:

‘Drive cars you’d valet.’

We’re all rich and dumb

What’s that? Can’t hear you through my Canada Goose.

Life’s certainly Gucci when you have a designer camel toe.

At least we can spell “insanely” correctly.

Hahahahahahaha you try get an A at BU, pal.

Apparently we also anger the locals

There seems to be a common trend about the B-line. Don’t be salty that we have a big campus and need several stops. I can’t possibly walk that distance in my Christian Louboutins!

The entries written by BC kids

Get off your laptops plastered with Vineyard Vine stickers and actually study you trolls.

We all know who the real safety school is around here.


Ok then, Mr. “College.”

This entry has almost double the dislikes than the likes- our case is made.

Yet again… those dislikes though.

They called their account “BCdominates”- how much of a fragile ego do you have?

But (naturally) there were more entries that bash BC  

Prestigious! There we go.


And remember

Damn straight, wordtothewise, damn straight.

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