The Dear Abbeys celebrate 25 years and a new album

Time to rock out with the guys

The Boston University Dear Abbeys will not only perform their last concert of the year in the Morse Auditorium this Saturday, but will also be celebrating their 25th anniversary and album release.

Over 60 alumni of the group plan to come back and help with the show, and the group estimates that there will be over 500 people in attendance at the event.

The Abbeys’ senior class (left to right): Yanni Metaxas, Matthew Vera, Brady Moses. Photo by Orlando Economos.

The Abbeys started recording their 25th anniversary album, Love Songs for Mary Todd, in 2016. In a promotional video for the album, Marketing Director Lucas Chaves, they wanted to do something that would push the group.

“We decided recording a full-length album would do just that,” said Chaves. “We wanted this to be something that you could share with your best friend or you could send it as a mixtape to your lover or whoever it is. We wanted that sense of community to be present.”

The Abbeys’ senior class (left to right): Brady Moses, Matthew Vera, Yanni Metaxas. Photo by Orlando Economos.

The Dear Abbeys was created in February 1992, and has performed all over Boston and even internationally. In 2005, the group won the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA’s). In the past they have also worked with numerous musicians, including Steven Tyler and Pentatonix.

Abbeys (left to right): Brady Moses, Christian Lawrence, Refael Siregar, Yanni Metaxas, Brendan Kelley, Eric Shuren, Jeffrey Wang, Mattyar Alborzi, Lucas Chaves, Jacob Nikolajczyk, Matthew Vera. Photo by Orlando Economos.

This January, the group travelled to Rochester, New York to finish recording their album. Afterwards, they flew to Florida to perform and give workshops to high school students.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the show starting at 7 p.m. Tickets can be found on Eventbrite, and cost $5 for students.

*Featured image by Orlando Economos.

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