Every step you’ll go through when registering for classes

May the odds be ever in your favor

Course registration may be one of the most stressful times during the school year. The stakes are high and you’re battling it out with every student to not get stuck in that 8 a.m. class. With each course registration comes anxiety, frustration and the growing desire to drop out of college.

Here are the steps that we probably all go through:

Step One: Getting the email

When you receive the email stating that course registration is right around the corner, you could have two completely different emotions. Either you’ll be so overjoyed, you’re almost done with the horrible schedule you’ve been forced to endure this semester, or you’ll dread having to get used to a totally different schedule because your schedule this semester was bomb. Either way you’ll have no idea how this semester went by so quickly and you’re a little bit closer to becoming a real person.

Step Two: Meeting with your advisor (if you’re proactive)

Because you’ll obviously have no idea what classes you’re supposed to be taking, you’ll decide to meet with an advisor so that they can figure out your life instead. If you have no idea who your advisor is or where to find this information, then you’ll probably just wing it. Your advisor will tell you what classes you should be taking each semester until graduation and this is when you’ll start to feel so overwhelmed.

Step Three: Utilizing the planner on your student link

Once your advisor tells you all the classes you could take next semester, you’ll log onto your student link to try and plan your schedule. You’ll plan your schedule and probably feel pretty good about it because there are over 100 hundred seats left in your lecture and you don’t have any 8 a.ms scheduled yet. “Rate My Professor” is probably your best friend.

Step Four: The graduating class above you registers

If you’re an underclassmen, there are still graduating classes above you that get to register before you. You check out the availability of the classes you planned for, and either they’re completely booked or there are minimal seats left. You curse out the BU course registration process.

Step Five: Redoing your schedule

It’s back to the drawing board. You now have to rethink your entire schedule and of course the only time slots left are the 8 a.ms with the teachers you do not want. You begin to covet the schedule that you have now and are dreading the next semester.

Step Six: The day of registration

Because registration begins at basically the crack of dawn on a Sunday, you have to set an alarm. If you’re like me, you’ll sleep through that alarm and are then forced to redo your schedule for a third time. You stare at the Student Link, constantly refreshing the page and watching the number of seats left in your classes decrease. Once it’s finally your time slot, you quickly click register and wait for the page to process your request.

Stage Seven: Getting used to your new schedule

It’s the next semester and you have to come up with a whole new time to eat lunch and will have to relearn when you and your friends can all meet at the GSU. You’ll probably go to the wrong classroom once or twice in the beginning. If you’re really unhappy with your schedule, you’ll be anxiously awaiting for people to drop the class you want so you can snatch their seat.

At that point, it may be hard to believe but before you know it, it will be time to register for all new classes again.

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