What alcohol each BU college binge drinks

But maybe not since Q-Mart got raided

The college you’re enrolled in says a lot about you, but more importantly it says a lot about what alcohol you choose to reach for in times of distress or celebration.

COM: Fireball

Movies are always showing journalists cracking down on an article and throwing back some whiskey, but we’re still working up to that level with Fireball.

While still technically a whiskey, it’s a little more fun and youthful. Fireball is a go-to drink because journalists might not have the money to splurge on a chaser.

CAS: Green Apple Smirnoff

CAS is filled with so many students from all different majors so it’s important to pick a drink that’s a fan favorite: Green Apple Smirnoff. It’s sure to get the job done and no matter how many times it may do you dirty, you know you’ll always go back to it.

Pardee School of Global Studies: Imported Tequila

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “Pardee” sounds fairly similar to “Party” and what better way to party than with tequila. You’re the School of Global Studies so it seems only fitting that you would drink an imported alcohol.

Sargent College: Skinnygirl Wine

Your nutrition professor won’t be happy if you put down that you’ve chugged six beers on your food log, so maybe drinking something with less calories will make them happier by comparison.

Your school is all about the health sciences so you might feel guilty taking 10 shots at 80 calories each.

CFA: Champagne

You need to prepare yourself for a long career of gallery openings and people applauding your performance in the movie you just starred in. Might as well use all your dining points to buy some grapes and cheese to pair with all the champagne you’ll be chugging with “class.”

Questrom: Ciroc

There’s a 97% job success rate within 6 months of graduation, so it’s safe to say you’ll be making the big bucks. It’s time to start treating your taste buds to only the finest alcohol that you can get your hands on.

CGS: Jungle Juice 

You may all want to major in different things yet you have to take the same classes. Similarly, you may all like different alcohol but what better way to solve that issue than throwing in everything in sight into one big cooler and calling it Jungle Juice.

School of Theology: Communion Wine 

Enough said.

College of Engineering: Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri (umbrella included)

Let’s be honest, do you guys even sleep or have time to go out?

Your college is so time consuming that you might take an L and reach for that nonalcoholic beverage instead. However, on the occasions that you do go out, you finish off that jungle juice that CGS students couldn’t and are the life of the party.

SED: DIY Margarita 

There’s an actual functioning day care in the School of Education so after a long day of testing your patience, you come back to your apartment to a blender and some Make-Your-Own margarita mix.

SHA: Open bar 

How much more hospitable can you get than an open bar?

This college is filled with some of the nicest and most welcoming students that BU has to offer. They literally take classes like “Food and Beverage Management” so they know how important an open bar is.

Finally BU Academy: Moonshine

Okay so they’re not really a college but it’s about time somebody acknowledged what they’re really up to in the back room of the GSU.