The things BU students need to stop doing

Listen up!

Living in a community implies that you have to bear with everyone else’s annoying little habits and flaws. So, to facilitate the community’s cohesion and minimize frustration on campus, here’s a list of what BU students should stop doing–  for everyone’s sake.

Not pushing the chairs back at the GSU

Tired of weaving through the chairs at the GSU to get to your table? Yeah, me too.

Terriers, please push back your chairs or someone will trip and smash their heads open pretty soon.

Occupying booths or large tables alone

Don’t get me wrong, we have all done this before.

With that said, let’s try not to continue this habit. We know booths are way more comfortable than plastic chairs. Don’t be selfish, especially when the place is packed, and you’re done with your meal.

Not picking up your cigarette butts

Contrary to popular belief, some smokers do care about the cigarette butts on the streets. Unfortunately, most of them do not throw theirs away when they’re done smoking.

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded garbage worldwide, so please start to do something about it and make our campus clean. Don’t be trashy.

Crossing Com Avenue wherever and whenever

Drivers or the T will not always stop for you. Look before you cross and don’t force your way on the road if it’s not your turn. Accidents on Comm. Ave are very frequent and could happen to anyone, so be careful when you cross University Road or the BU Bridge.

Getting to class on time isn’t worth risking your life.

Looking at your phone in the hallways or on the sidewalks

What’s more annoying than someone who doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings when the hallways or sidewalks are crowded?

Not everyone is capable of multi-tasking. Being glued to your phone makes you run into other people or stop walking altogether.

Complaining about the dining hall food

BU dining halls are amongst the best in the country. Most importantly, the dining hall employees spend an incredible amount of time serving us and cooking for us. They deserve a lot more respect than we give them.

Remind yourself to be grateful of this when your rice is a little dry, or the portion was not big enough.

Throwing up at T. Anthony’s

If you don’t feel well at the end of the night, you should tell your friends in advance not to bring you to T. Anthony’s.

No matter how strong your need for drunk pizza-eating is, your stomach probably can’t handle it.

Sitting at computer desks when they are using their own computer

I think this is probably even worse than reserving your seat at the library: using your perfectly working computer, but still occupying a computer desk. I’m not raging, I’ve just seen this so many times.

Eating food at the library

Everyone does not need to smell what’s on your plate, especially if it’s turkey or fried shrimp.

Being loud in the library

Study lounges (e.g. the PAL study lounge or third floor of Mugar) are available all around campus for students who need to discuss their projects. Go there if you really need to talk, and try not to disturb others in the quiet zones please.

Or worse, blasting music through your headphones in the library

Most headphones are not soundproof, people. I bet the person sitting next to you, probably the whole table, does not want to know which sick beat you’re vibing to on repeat.

It makes it hard for others to focus, plus you’re certainly destroying your eardrums.

And finally, stop complaining

BU is a large campus, and you’ll certainly encounter people who will piss you off, no matter what they do. That’s why every BU student should learn to develop empathy for their fellow Terriers and stop complaining about what others do.

Am I right?

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