Rules at BU we all break

No sign will stop me, I’ll keep sneaking food into Mugar (sorry not sorry)

Like all colleges in the US, BU has a number of rules that students are “encouraged” to follow. However, just like in all schools, there are some rules that students refuse to follow.

Eating in Mugar 

Studying for hours can be exhausting, especially during finals week. The GSU food court is right around the corner, and since you do not want to leave your personal belongings unattended for long or lose your seat, what do you do? You bring food from the GSU to Mugar.

Just hide those fries from Rhett’s in your lap and hope no one hears you chewing.

Using your phone at FitRec

Ok… what?

How are we suppose to listen to music while working out? Or text a cute gym selfie to prove we’re actually fit?

Nice try, BU.

Smoking at no smoking spots

*cough cough* outside Questrom *cough cough*

We get it, you’re stressed out, but come on guys. The second hand smoke we have to breathe in passing by is a bit much, don’t you think?

Drinking when you’re underaged

This may be a bit generic and something that happens on every college campus, but it’s definitely made more awkward when BU’s Student Health Services make us all complete the and give out red solo cups with measured standard drinks.

It gets even stranger when they hand these out to freshmen. I guess they do not expect us to just stay home and play “Cards Against Humanity” on a Saturday night.

Sneaking in banned items 

Do they not want us to decorate our rooms? Hydrogen lamps and candles are the way to go.

Candles can be dangerous as they could easily ignite a fire, making them restricted even in Apartment Style Housing, but we all know people who hide candles in their rooms for that nice smell of driftwood campfire.

Also, let’s be real – you can’t stop avid coffee drinkers from sneaking in a Keurig (also nice spelling of “Kuerig,” BU).

Overnight guests

According to the BU’s Residential policies, “A resident may have no more than three (3) guests at a time, and guests may stay in a room, suite, or apartment no more than three consecutive nights.”


When you live in a place like Warren Towers or West Campus, it may be hard to sneak in a guest for several nights, however, South Campus or in the Brown Stones are prime spots ladies and gents.

During finals, when we’re not allowed any overnight guests, is the main time this gets broken. I mean it’s the most stressful week, how else do people unwind?

Academic conduct code 

If you have not cheated on an exam, you at least probably know or have seen someone who has.

Should you get caught, however, an “F” on your report card is not the most glamorous thing.

Texting in classrooms

We have to admit, some professors have been very nice and generous concerning the use of electronic devices. Others, unfortunately, can be stricter.

With that said, not many people follow this rule. Looking at your cellphone can be a great distraction from a boring lecture, especially during an 8 a.m. stats class.

Not leaving your utensils in the right compartment (or at all) at Bay State dining hall

In the West Campus and Warren Towers dining halls you can leave your utensils with your plates on the conveyer belts, but in Bay State you have to sort them out neatly.

If you put in the effort to sort your utensils after dinner I applaud you, especially if you are carrying a bowl of mac n cheese, a plate of chicken Kung Pao Chicken (or at least BU’s version of it) and a bowl of M&Ms.

No sign will stop me, I’ll keep sneaking food into Mugar (sorry not sorry).