We calculated how much money you lose when you miss a class at BU

You may not want to skip class anymore kids

Waking up sleep-deprived and wondering if you should skip your 9 a.m. is the classic routine of college students.

After calculating how much our tuition costs in drinks, the Tab calculated how much money you lose every time you skip class. Get your calculators ready; it’s time for post Spring Break resolutions.

Tuition for one semester is currently $24,588. If a student takes an average of 4 classes, each will be worth $6,147. Since a semester is approximately 14 weeks long and if on average you meet with your class twice a week, that’s 28 times a semester. In other words, you lose $219 per skipped class (that meets twice a week).

That’s $438 if you miss a class that only meets once a week and $146 for classes that meet three times a week.

Let’s put this in perspective.


A three-liter box of red Cabernet Sauvignon wine at Trader Joe’s costs $11,99. Skipping one class that meets twice a week, is equal to buying 18 wine boxes or 54 liters. Think of all the drunk nights you’re missing out on.

Hockey tickets

The East Quarterfinal BU vs. Northeastern last Friday night cost $21,50 per ticket. By missing one class, you miss out on approximately 10 games at that price. With the money of four missed classes, you could go to every single game of the academic year.

GSU food

The GSU has a panel of 11 restaurants at our disposal and thanks to the Basho corner, terriers can enjoy sushi between classes or during revision/burn-out sessions at the library. But how much sushi could you get with one missed class? Well, one plate of sushi rolls is around $8 while a sushi bowl is $12.50

27 plates and 17 bowls. Enough to feed yourself for weeks.

Now, for those who are not fans of the delicacy of sushi, Panda Express is still an option if you want an ersatz of Asian food that satisfies you carb-craving days. Small, medium and big plates are $6, $7, and $8.50 respectively. Skipping one class means missing out on 36 small plates, or 31 medium plates or 25 big plates. So much grease.


In this optic, laundry seems pretty cheap for once: one load is $1.50, so, missing one class is worth 146 loads. Or 292 loads if you miss two classes.

Sunset Cantina

Want some Mexican bar bites? Sunset Cantina‘s buffalo wings cost $10.50. One missed class is worth 21 plates of buffalo wings, or worse 17 BBQ Chicken quesadillas. Had enough?

Cigarettes for the smokers out there

Whether you are a casual, only-at-parties smoker or a full-time one, cigarettes aren’t cheap.

With one missed class, you could get 22 Marlboro Red or American Spirit packs (a little bit more than a carton!) and 19 packs of Luckies or Camels. So much money you could have used rotting your lungs.

Pizza at T. Anthony’s

Binging on greasy pizza after chugging vodka Red Bull might be the highlight of your week. T. Anthony’s is the traditional end-of-the-night ritual of most drunk nights at BU. Ranging from small 12″ pizzas for $8,65 to large 16″ ones for $17, 75, missing one class at BU will cost you 25 regular cheese pizzas or 13 chicken pizzas.

Finally Starbucks for all the basics out there

One missed class is worth 67 americanos or 44 macchiatos or 74 iced coffees. Ouch.

So before counting how many more absences you can allow yourself without lowering your final grade, you may also want to factor in how much $ you’re throwing away. We hope this will motivate you to get out of bed.