BU raised its tuition again over spring break and people are pissed


President Brown sent out an email this afternoon informing students that next year there will be a 3.4 percent increase in tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year. Nothing puts an end to spring break faster than an email to students informing them that they must pay even more than the already astronomical prices that BU students face.

BU is the second most expensive school in the nation facing tuition fees around $65,000. It’s no wonder the students are pissed off at another increase since BU raised their tuition by 3.4 percent last year and 3.7 percent the year before that already. This steady increase year by year is making it harder for students to be able to stay enrolled at the university.

And they’re not happy about it.

President Brown defends this increase in tuition in his email by stating, “We acknowledge the very substantial financial investments made by parents and students, and we strive to offer our students an exceptional educational experience that is a foundation for a lifetime of learning and professional success that justifies your investment.”

Nice try, President Brown, nice try.