Is it just me, or does literally every girl at BU dress exactly the same?

Homeless chic is a lifestyle

Walking down Comm Ave every morning, I pass a mirror image of myself the entire way to East campus. It’s as if there was a BU edition of Vogue that every BU basic bitch owns to stay up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. The classic BU look is inevitable and by trying to be untouched by BU fashion, you’re most likely falling into it even deeper than you would’ve in the first place.

BU is a black hole of fashion that sucks the individuality out of of every girl and makes us all suddenly want to embrace that ‘idgaf while also giving a fuck’ look. 

These are the looks you’ll catch every girl at BU in throughout the day.

The casual stroll down Comm. Ave look

So you’re either walking to class or on your way to go shopping — what outfit do you put together? Jeans that are purposefully faded with Steve Madden slip ons, a casual ripped t shirt with a bomber jacket, a choker, and some kind of lipstick that doesn’t match the outfit at all because BU girls are daring. Congratulations you took 20 minutes to pick out an outfit that looks like no thought went into it at all. You’re wearing $2,000 worth of ripped clothing but that’s the cost of homeless chic and we’re all willing to pay it apparently.

The workout look

Athleisure is all the rage right now. Workout leggings are the new sweatpants and sneakers are the new UGGs. You have SoulCycle at 6pm so you have to wear your workout outfit from the start of your day, naturally. The workout outfit consists of LuluLemon leggings with Nike sneakers that have no support for actual exercise but look really bomb with those new leggings. On top there will normally be a tank top with an obnoxiously large lotus or OM symbol because we’re in touch with both our bodies and minds. This outfit in reality screams, “I am soul cleansing but I also support capitalism.” Yoga and cycling? You’re so there as long as you get to wear outfits like this. Don’t forget your French braids and a baseball cap because you’re sporty af.

This outfit screams, ‘I do yoga to find myself and pray for world peace’

The frat party look

The frat party is the time for us to really show how much we don’t give a fuck. Because fuck the patriarchy am I right ladies? We’ll try to prove our individuality by putting on our ripped jeans and leotards that we think is a genius combination that’s never been done before. You’ll switch out your Steve Madden’s with high top Converse to show how down to earth you are. The ties up through the middle of our cleavage makes us high fashion sexy. Crop tops are so a state school trend, we’re more original… just original all together at the same exact time at the same exact place.

The bar look

This is a small diversion from the frat look but the changes feel monumental. Our purpose at a bar is to look sophisticated, wise and above all like a chick who does not give a fuck. So, we ditch our converse and put on black booties that give off rocker vibes even if we’ve never listened to Van Halen before. Tight pants with a loose shirt that has an open back is always the move. It says ‘IDGAF’ in the front and I’m a sexy cool girl in the back. Don’t even think about doing your hair either. It’s all about the casual wind swept look now because hair half in front of the face for pictures is fire content for Instagram and makes us look wild and free.

The brunch look

The fact that this could even be a thing enough for it to have its own category says something in itself about the girls of BU. Sunday morning aesthetic is so important though. You need to look put together but also have a hint of last night still on you to prove you partied hard. We’ll spend a while pretending to peruse our closets and then settle on a skirt with a cropped sweater and booties. Don’t forget the metallic aviators and over the shoulder bag before you leave. Also conveniently wake up late and don’t do your hair so you and your girl squad can laugh about how it smells of beer and cigs over poached eggs. 

But none of this is going to stop us from putting on our ripped jeans and bomber jackets and strutting our stuff to T’s Pub this weekend.