Your ultimate spring break bucket list

If you come back and get the ‘woah! Where did YOU go?’ you definitely won at tanning

The week we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.
One whole week without mugar or the Starbucks line at the GSU. It’s a pretty exciting time, and it would be a huge shame to waste any of it.
Here’s your ultimate bucket list on how to maximize on what could be the best week ever.

Get 12 hours of sleep

If you aren’t going anywhere for break, or even if you are, break is probably your only shot until finals are over to catch up on sleep. Treat yourself and don’t set ANY alarms.

Bonus points if your bed of choice isn’t an elevated twin.

Catch up on work

If your professors hate you and gave you due dates that fall right after break, you’re inevitably going to have to do it.

Luckily you can take this chance to find a cool new, non-mugar study spot. Textbooks can be surprisingly nice beach reads.

Get some vitamin D

This is your one week of not being trapped in Comm Ave buildings until the sun goes down. If you’re somewhere warm for break, indulge in your break from the sub-zero feel temperatures.

If you come back and get the “woah! Where did YOU go?”, you definitely won at tanning.

 Have a 100+ second long Snapchat story

Spring break is kind of like a campus-wide competition to see who’s break is most lit. To stay competitive, make sure to document every single lit or lit-ish thing that you do.

Save them all too, so you can look back at the end and laugh at your own extra-ness.

Avoid texting your high school fling

If you’re in your hometown for spring break and you get bored, definitely don’t text your boyfriend/girlfriend from high school who ditched you at prom or whatever they did to make you ghost them in the first place.

I know it might be tempting, but you’re above it. I promise.

Avoid any and all drama

Having excess free time may drive some people crazy, and crazy people tend to fight with each other.

Don’t ruin your break by fighting with your high school best friend about something ridiculous. We’re all mature college students now and we’re soooo above being petty.

Get quality time with your dog

If you have a dog or any pet, you have probably been missing it dearly. Now you have a week to cuddle with your pet and take as many pictures of it as you want.

If you don’t have any pets now’s a fun time to get one.

Get a piercing or tattoo

If there’s a cool tattoo or piercing you’ve always wanted to get but were too nervous, spring break is the perfect time. Spring break destinations always have a token tattoo/ piercing parlor.

You can always fuel up on liquid courage and it’ll only make your break more memorable.

Eat something different

If you’re traveling for break, or even if you’re not, this is a whole week away from the dining hall or the ramen you make for yourself if you’re off campus.

Definitely eat as much appetizing food as possible, and try something new, cause spring break!!

Get some fire Instagrams

Deep down we all love scrolling through instagram on spring break and seeing how fun and tropical everyone is being.

Nothing brightens your feed more than a picture of palm trees or a nice ocean.

Make new friends

If you’re in a common spring break destination, chances are there are hundreds of college kids around you.

Be social and don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. You could meet your best friend on a random beach party in Daytona.

Embrace the YOLO attitude

Spring break is a time to relax and temporarily forget that we go to the school that is hardest to earn As at.

So don’t be shy or reserved, we all deserve to ~go crazy~ every once in a while. But don’t hurt yourself.

Just relax

Whether you are on a crazy group trip to a tropical island or just hanging out at your house all week, give your mind a break. If you’ve been stressed about something, forget about it for a while.

We’re going to have finals and all kinds of craziness when we get back, so just take this time to rest your brain.

Whether you spend your week sleeping or blacking out with your friends, just enjoy yourself. There’s only two short months of school between break and summer.