Welcome to Super 88, the place you may not know about, but definitely should

The best restaurants don’t have to be fancy or expensive

Located on the cuff of Allston, Super 88 is an amazing spot for anyone to go to with friends, on a date or just to get some sweet take out when you’re on your lonesome.

Expense is overrated

The best restaurants don’t have to be fancy or expensive. As a self-identified ‘foodie’, I usually agree with the mentality that the best restaurants are the holes in the wall. They are the places where, yes, the food can be a bit sketchy, and you’re not sure whether your eating chicken or duck, but hey, if it tastes good and it fills the stomach, what’s the big issue?

It’s all about the ramen

As you enter Super 88, the first thing that hits your senses is the smell. You can smell the meats being cooked, from duck to chicken, pork and everything in between. The spices they use to complement the flavors hang in the air, and you can literally taste potential meals in your mouth.

There are so many options for everything you’re feeling. Whether you’re a meat eater or not, there is always something. Whilst I wouldn’t blame you for staying around the main food court, you would be missing out on the brilliance that is Pikaichi. Walking towards the back, you pass through some doors and you could easily mistake the exit as leading you towards the actual supermarket. But, trust me, don’t forget to look left.

Spicy Miso vs. Regular Miso, the choice is yours.

Small, but not too small, Pikaichi is the perfect spot for a cold winter day in Boston. The portions are generous, the flavor is insane and it seems everyone working there is in on some inside joke. There is laughter and noise, but not too much that you can’t hold a conversation with your friend.

Take a risk, try something new

Maybe you’ve heard of Super 88 before. Maybe you heard the ramen at Pikaichi is so authentic that it may actually have been concocted in Japan. Maybe you have a friend who got some Chinese food there and was out of class all week with a incredibly debilitating case of the ‘runs’. But that’s whats so fantastic about it. You don’t know what you’re going to get but trust me, nine out of 10 times it’s going to be delicious.

There are places on Newbury Street, for example, that are safe bets. The food’s good, the environment’s casual yet interesting, but it is not Super 88.

This is college. And if you’re not playing a risky game, discovering something new, at least in the food your eating, what are you even doing here?

Heaven (or Hell, but most probably Heaven)

Heaven (or Hell, but mostly Heaven).

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