EXCLUSIVE: The artist behind the Trump quotes on BU’s campus

They are part of a project called ‘Make America Say It Again’

Racist, sexist and other uncomfortable quotes said by Donald Trump have been seen plastered all around BU’s campus today. The artist behind “Make America Say It Again,” who chose to remain anonymous, told The Tab the project is a response to Donald Trump’s Make America Great campaign.

“Through using the power of design, it takes direct quotes that Trump has said and positions them in places around Boston University that further how immoral, racist and just plain absurd they are.”

The quotes went up Saturday as part of a graphic design assignment using vinyl typography and a current event to get a conversation started.

Around 12 quotes including “You never get to the face because the body’s so good,” “I would bomb the shit out of them,” and “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?” have appeared all over campus.

They have been spotted in university buildings at CAS, FitRec and the GSU as well as along the Comm Ave sidewalk, park benches and bus stops.

“By making America ‘say it’ again, it reminds students of things that the potential next future President of America, Donald Trump, believes in.”

“None of the quotes are intended to offend or hurt people, they are only meant to remind and inform students of Donald Trump’s statements,” says the artist.

The student behind the movement is a junior in CFA who wishes to stay anonymous because of the sensitivity surrounding the quotes and this election. They do not want to offend anyone.

“I think the quotes being left anonymous is a really influential way for the artist to spread her political views. It has made a lot of students think of Trump’s quotes more profoundly.” said Lauren Fogelström, a BU sophomore.

The quotes around campus have been attracting a lot of attention since they have not all been immediately identified as Trump’s. They are not attributed to Trump and therefore have caused some confusion as the shock of the words are unsettling to many.

Sarah Stratton, a sophomore at BU said, “The only positive thing about Trump’s ridiculous quotes is that they’re getting people to talk about the issues.”

“It’s a little unnerving to think a potential leader of any country would be so ignorant and rash towards the consequences that bombing cities would have on foreign relations and human life. That diction just paints an immature and childish picture of America, like a child having a tantrum,” said junior Shane Staudle after seeing the “I’d bomb the shit out of them” quote.

“Putting these quotes around campus in people’s faces forces them to confront the reality of who Trump is as a person. It denies people the ability to remain ignorant to his sexism, racism and classism. I also think the parallel between the ‘say their name’ tag line of the Black Lives Matter movement and the ‘Make America Say It Again’ slogan is really interesting as they both are ways to stay vigilant to the injustices happening in our society today,” said sophomore Nora Johnson.

Most of Trump’s quotes are outrageous and have sparked conversations about all types of important social and political issues and the artist hopes that the “Make America Say It Again” movement will help keep these issues in conversation.

All the attention has inspired the artist to quicken the pace of the movement so keep your eyes out for some new quotes tomorrow.