Students build brokerage firm above T Anthony’s

Not all realty firms are made of middle aged men in suits

“There are three types of people in the world: those who tell others what they are going to do, those that tell themselves what they are going to do, and those who actually do it,” said Eli Davidson, co-founder of Allied Realty Partners.

These are the words that drove 20-year-old Davidson to jump head first into the real-estate world rather than applying to college. He started Allied Realty in September of 2015 alongside Rich Bergez, a well-known Questrom tutor, who handles the finances.

It has become a student run real estate brokerage firm operating out of 1018 Commonwealth Avenue, the space above T Anthony’s.

BU Junior Max Lipner was the first addition to the team and currently heads the acquisition and marketing efforts as well as residential leases. His accompanying agent is fellow Northeastern student Jean Estime.

“A lot of people I know have experience in real-estate because of their families, but if you’re like me, no one in my family is involved,” said Lipner. “This job has been the most eye opening experience for not only real estate, but the professional world in general.”

While Lipner enjoys working with people he also enjoys the company’s autonomy. “Its truly a privilege to be put in a position at the ground floor of an operation with tremendous potential and appeal,” said Lipner.


Davidson and Bergez tabling a career fair at MIT

So far, the firm has worked with over 50 clients in assisting them with rental transactions alongside buying and selling properties in Boston, Cambridge, and even California.

The hardest part about starting a new company is, “building a high quality reputation,” according to Davidson. “It can take many years until our brand name is known to offer the most honest and high quality service.”

Davidson thinks the best part about working with students is that they are generally hungry to succeed and interested in creating valuable purpose for themselves. Allied Realty is currently accepting applicants for a sales position for anyone that is motivated.

The importance of patience in a start-up is vital since success will not be made over night. “It’s important to never give up,” said Davidson. “Under-promise, and over accomplish.”