Misogyny needs to be recognized as a hate crime everywhere

It’s time for women to receive proper protection under the law

Nottingham, England has just made a huge change in the way they handle misogyny. Although legislation has not passed any laws that officially recognize misogyny as a hate crime, cops are ready to take it more seriously. Broadly reports that the Nottingham police force is moving towards treating misogyny as a crime just as heinous as violence against the LGBTQ community. This is a national first and a monumental step towards a law system that protects women’s rights in a legitimate way.

If the UK is ready to take the necessary steps to protect the women of their country, the US should be too.

Young women are conditioned to think catcalling is acceptable and expected. That when they walk down the street and a man whistles or calls them a “dirty whore,” it’s okay. In some cases, rather than saying their assaulter was out of line and disrespectful, women are asked if they think they wore the wrong clothes. 


Misogyny has become so common it has been accepted as a way of the world. 

In the US, there are laws against the discrimination of people of different religions, races, and the LGBTQ community, so why is gender still missing from the mix? Why are women not represented under the law? Yes, rape is illegal and considered a heinous crime in America, but what about the notion that men are above women? Why is it okay for a man to call a woman a “slut” or a “bitch” when they don’t go home with him from a bar? Why does the law make it legal for a man to show his superiority over a woman? 

It’s never okay, and for years the law has disguised itself into making women believe they are safe. Rape is illegal. Women can vote. Domestic violence is a crime. Yes, as a community, women have made tremendous progress over the last century, but we are still not safe in this country. We are not able to live as equals among men. 

We are the land of the free, but women are chained down by so many social barriers that do not allow them to live with the freedom that us Americans are promised. It’s time for women to work any job they please without the threat of sexual harassment, and without the disdained looks from men who do not welcome them into their offices.


Misogyny is the dislike or prejudice against women. Prejudices have proven to be destructive in America’s history and have started revolutions in this nation. If a woman speaks up, she’s considered emotional or sensitive, but facing constant hate affects a woman’s development. If a young girl is constantly discriminated against when she plays video games or football she’ll teach herself she no longer enjoys those activities. Girls are told at a young age that they can only have certain interests in life, and America reinforces this every day as they grow and become a member of society. 

It’s time America recognizes that the prejudice against women exists and prospers in this society. 

It’s time for legislation to protect the women of America.