Brookline Police investigating sexual assault of college student

She was able to get away from the man and get into her apartment with only minor injuries, according to police

Brookline Police are investigating a sexual assault in the Boston University area they say occurred Wednesday night at around 1:45am.

A college student reported the assault Thursday evening near St. Paul and Dummer Street, according to police.

Police say the victim told officers she was walking home from Commonwealth Avenue when she was approached by a man at the door of her residence. She told police she didn’t know where the man came from or how long he had been following her. After she told him to go away, he grabbed her, groped her and tried to get into her apartment.

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The suspect is a light skinned male in his mid 20s to 30s, with dark hair and facial hair, about 5’9” tall with unknown clothes and no distinct characteristics – according to police.

Police say the victim told them she had never seen the man before.