CFA seniors curate art show for creative minds

‘An art show with a motive to expose young artists as everything they’re worth’

On April 2nd , Pop Allston will be hosting Tell Me Everything; an art show curated by Boston University’s very own Fritz Howser (CFA 16’) and Bryan Fountain (CFA 16’).

The show “is a cross disciplinary art show for one night only. It will showcase emerging artists across all media from Boston, NYC, and LA.” The space doubles as a skatepark, and beer and wine will be served at the bar for attendees.


“As design students in 2016, we believe the line between different mediums, forms and practices are all blurring together. So long are the days of the “branding specialist” or “motion designer,” said Fritz and Fountain in their press release.


Pop Allston’s skatepark space

“This is an opportunity for people who are interested to gain a look into the emerging visual arts scene, and to be a part of something that will not exist after the three hour event. In turn, the event will give a quick glimpse into the Boston Student Arts scene and hopefully further exhibiting artists careers.”

In an effort to keep the show free for everyone, they have only asked for donations through Go Fund.

To learn more, check out the website and Facebook event.