Speed dating at Warren Towers

‘I’m here to find the love of my life’

With winter slowly creeping up on us, everybody seems to be searching for someone to cuddle up to on cold and windy nights.

But the hassle of finding someone you like in a short amount of time is significant, especially with so many options out there.

So Friday night, the Warren RHA decided on a quick and easy solution to all our love-struck hearts’ needs – speed dating.


“It’s not just about the dating aspect, it’s about meeting people that you haven’t before,” said one of the organizers.

The event set-up team were all smiles at the door, ready to greet single residents.


Hoards of candy were laid out for the sweet-toothed lovers on a long row of tables that seated participants.

After two minutes each date would be done as the daters had to slide along down to the next person.

The table also contained little strips of paper with questions to encourage the daters  to ask one another them.


The room slowly started to fill up with guests that were all looking for something unique.

Some participants were looking for love,

Alexander: “I’m trying to find the love of my life!”

Gavin Hui: “Me too…but I already found him (jokingly to Alex as chuckles follow)”

So do you think you’ll find your love here?

Alexander: “I hope so! I really do”


Gavin Hui (Questrom’19) and Alexander Pei (ENG’19)


“I’m here for moral support since I’m actually taken,” said one participant, chuckling.

Others were just satisfying their sweet-tooth. “I’m here for the free candy and making new friends,” one dater told us. “We just watch the sign and thought let’s go have some fun Friday night!”

Stay tuned in on the events carried out by the RHA Warren residents, as Ali teases:

“We have several events, in March we have the New York Trip so residences get to go to New York. Then in January we have a big event coming up! A secret event…”