Meet the trombone Terrier who won everyone’s hearts at Friday’s game

His sick dance moves were the real winner

Friday’s hockey game between BU and Northeastern was one of the most intense so far with BU winning by just 5-4.

Big congrats to our amazing athletes (who we all have a crush on).

While the rivalry on the rink was passionate, off stage in the Dog Pound, the BU band played to pump up supporters and cheer on the team.

However, when the the arena’s speakers decided to play music and the band sat down, one trombone player remained standing to dance.

From Orlando, Florida, Andrew Lumbert (CFA’19), was definitely an unusual star of the game.

Many people in the stands turned to stare at the young man’s passionate dancing as he managed to be featured in several snapchat stories that spread around like wild fire.
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How long have you played the trombone for?

All through High School, I even played in the band for football games at my high school. And danced just as much.

How is music and dance important to you?

Aside from being my career choice and major (visual performance), music’s something that anyone can enjoy and get into, and frankly, can’t live without. It’s good for the soul. Dancing is just like singing, everyone can and should do it. Letting a groove take control of your body and just getting down is incomparable. Better than just standing there! Dancing with the trombone also grew from playing high school hockey games. It was a flat-out tradition of the trombone section, and it’ll stick as long as I keep playing.

What’s the best part about the hockey games?

The best part of hockey games is definitely the excitement that charges the stadium. Getting to chant alongside hundreds of fans for the best hockey team in the U.S. is an awesome experience. On top of that, the BU Pep Band is such an awesome experience, getting to pump the stadium up with great tunes.

How can we encourage more spirit at BU?

The best way to drum up spirit for BU is to come out to the events! I dare anyone to come out to Agganis Arena for a hockey and not get excited and filled with spirit. Be it soccer, basketball, hockey, club sports, concerts or student life events, get out there and be proud to BU!

So next time you attend a game be sure to check the stands for Lumbert and his trombone as he apparently does this for all the home games. You won’t regret the entertaining show he puts on.