I tried on the worst sexy costumes so you don’t have to

Do you really want to pay $40 to be a sexy minion?

Halloween has traditionally been a holiday where people of all ages choose to dress up and put effort into their appearances for a night out filled with spooky, candy-filled, crazy fun.

When I was little, I always dressed up as a Disney princess. The costumes were completely overpriced, super glittery and bedazzled to the max to make them look exactly like the ones in the movie.

Then came middle school – the traditional long dresses that made a Disney princess so elegant were completely out of question. The “teen” section of Party City costumes was now filled with shorter versions of every costume imaginable.  I’m all about wearing short costumes, they can be hella flattering. If it makes you feel good, then you do you.

And there there are the sexy costumes that make you question everything.

Sexy minion

Does anyone even know what they really are? They’re basically little yellow things that are running around doing crazy things in children’s movies.

So why are characters in a children’s movie being seen as sexy? I didn’t know dressing up as a yellow creature would be seen as sexy. Is this what people are attracted to?

Does this really turn people on?

Sexy Donald Trump

Sexy and Donald Trump should never be used in the same sentence. Excuse me while I barf thinking about Donald Trump’s sexiness.

His hair is probably the most attractive thing about him, and it SUCKS. How can people think, “hmm if I want to look hot as hell this Halloween, dressing up as Donald Trump is DEFINITELY the way to go.”

donald trump hair photoshop

I’m Trump, duh

Even if you support Trump, would you really want to sexualize your potential future president by wearing this?

Sexy clown

The idea of a clown is terrifying, so there really is no reason to make something like that sexy.  Stick to the one on the left.

Sexy fruits and vegetables

When people say you should be healthier, dressing up as a sexy fruit or vegetable doesn’t count. Nice try, though.

You should try harder at making healthy food appealing.

Sexy Four Loko

Ah, yes. Dressing up as a Four Loko will definitely get you turnt on Halloween.. said no one.

Keep the drink in your hand, not as a costume!

Sexy Little Pony

I don’t understand why these costume makers insist on ruining my childhood.

RIP to the sweet image of Rainbow Dash that I had before looking at these costumes.

Sexy Spongebob

I’m NOT ready to see anyone wearing this on Halloween.

I was kind of scared to find out who would actually wear these costumes, so I asked around never in a million years would anyone be caught wearing any of these.

If you want to look sexy on Halloween, then power to you.

Look hot. Be fierce. BUT do it in good fashion.

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