Which Brown dining hall you are, based on your Zodiac sign

1000 percent accurate, not made up at all

Answering the question you never knew you needed an answer to: which dining hall would I be if I were a dining hall at Brown University?

Skeptics and non-believers, go ahead and read. You know you want to.

Jo's: Aries and Gemini

You are creative, spontaneous, and know how to have a good time, Aries. You can be found at Jo’s most nights for the atmosphere and the mozz sticks. You’re also extremely loyal, and you will stand up for what you believe in — especially when it has to do with spicy withs.

You don’t like to be tied down. You really value your freedom, Gemini. You love the fact the specials at Jo’s change all the time, and the burger of the month keep you guessing. Plus, you LOVE to talk and socialize so the fact there’s never a dull moment at Jo’s makes it your scene.

Andrews: Capricorn and Leo

You’re lowkey a workaholic, Capricorn – but in the best way. You are disciplined. Andrews is the place for you. If you want that pasta, you plan ahead, stand in that mf line, and get that damn pasta.

You’re a natural born leader and love to be the center of attention, Leo. Andrews is your place because you actually like the food (score), don’t mind being social while you wait in the lines, and you can dance to the music like you are actually auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.

Ivy Room: Aquarius and Taurus

You are a visionary, Aquarius. You set goals and you actually stick to them (lucky you!). When you know what you want, you can’t stop thinking about it. You’ve known you wanted Ivy Room since at least 5 pm and although you are basically ravenous, when you friends ask if you want to ratty instead you stick to your plan because you know it’s what’s right for you.

You are practical and ambitious, Taurus. After weighing your options, you usually end up at the Ivy Room because you feel like you get the most bang for your buck. You know good things (like avocado toast and falafel wraps) come to those who wait. Plus, it is a sweet place to take a break from your busy schedule and grab a bite with friends.

VDub: Libra and Scorpio

You’re a peaceful person, Libra. You just want everyone to get along. You care about balance, and the VDub gives that to you. There's not too many options, nor too little. The weird hours don’t upset you because you go with the flow. Also you thoroughly enjoy the waffle maker — so underrated.

You’re a super passionate, bold, emotional soul, Scorpio. You don’t have to explain why VDub is the best because like, it just is.

The Ratty: Virgo and Cancer

You’re always crazy busy, Virgo. You are always reliable and accurate, and you like your dining halls that way too. The Ratty is always there for you. When you don’t know where to go or what to do, you know the icon that is the Ratty is awaiting you with open arms. Plus, the to-go boxes are convenient as heck as you run off to the 637 meetings you have that day.

You’re very loyal and empathetic, Cancer. You like to be social, but also need some alone time. The Ratty is your go-to because it’s dependable, and it feels like a homey place to you. Plus, you can either be a social butterfly and sit with a million other people, or head out to the more secluded corners to get some work done for a quieter meal.

Blue Room: Pisces and Sagittarius

You tend to keep a lower profile than the other signs. Your friends know not to report you as missing to the authorities because you’re just doing your own thing, Pisces. You’re compassionate and super sweet just like a lil cinnamon roll or a muffin. You like to plop down and have a little nook of your own. You love the Blue Room!

You’re an adventurous free spirit, Sagittarius. You don’t really care if the Blue Room is gonna break the bank because it makes you happy. Live your best life bb!

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