A swastika written in human feces was found in a gender-neutral bathroom at RISD

The recent wave of antisemitism in the nation is spreading to college campuses.

Last weekend, a swastika drawn in human waste was discovered in a gender-neutral bathroom in a dormitory at the Rhode Island School of Design. The college is currently investigating the incident.

On Wednesday RISD’s president Rosanne Somerson sent an e-mail to the RISD community regarding the incident. She strongly condemned the act stating, “this action is not only an act of vandalism, but, more important, appears to have been intended as a hate crime. This is completely unacceptable behavior. No one at RISD should treat anyone in this community with this level of disrespect or vitriol. There is absolutely no space for this here.”

She assured the students that this act will be dealt with seriously. Public Safety is currently investigating the incident and students are encouraged to come forward if they have any information.

Brown RISD Hillel also released a statement on their Facebook page condemning the anti-semitic act.

Feces have apparently been left in view repeatedly throughout the academic year in the same stall. According to a Huffington Post story, RISD students told NBC 10 that the swastika was just the latest of several feces-related acts of vandalism that have occurred on campus.

Speaking to The Tab, one RISD student said:

“Originally people thought it was from someone who is autistic. It’s been going on for quite sometime. There should be a zero tolerance and I hope they take DNA samples and find out who it is.”

Kyla Stuber, a coordinator at RISD Residence Life Office sent an e-mail to RISD students  to call for action in response to the recent incident. She asked students to create a sign, symbol, decoration, or token of inclusion, love and community that can be displayed in the Nickerson 2 Gender Inclusive Bathroom as a sign of solidarity. There will also be a walk-in on March 1st to display community support in and around the gender inclusive bathroom space. and a “Reclaiming OUR Space” party will follow the walk-in.

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